Dear people of America and the World, in the past few weeks, since the dropping ofthe atomic bomb on Hiroshima, I have been asked to state my thoughts on this action. Many people have said that what we have done is no different then the actions of Hitler's Nazi Army ,for whichthey have been charged for War Crimes , and we should be punished in the same manner. In fact, though, we never directly targeted civilians in any strikes against Japan at any time. The Japanese ,unfortunately and deliberately placed their military facilities and targets in residential areas so that it would be impossible to have strikes on these targets without hitting and taking civilian lives in the process.
Still you may ask why use such an "over powering" weapon, why not just go in with regular bombs and soldiers? We took this action because the Japanese are a very strong people who will fight till the very end and never surrender. Thus by dropping this weapon and taking out so many targets at once , we have shown them that we have this power and will use it to end this war as quickly as possible without putting our boys in danger .I believe this will end this war very quickly. Also ,as I said before, this was intended to destroy the military facilities only. I am aware of the vast amount of non-military casualties, but the Japanese knew by placing these military facilities in residential areas, there would be severe civilian casualties.They thought that by doing this, anyone who lead an attack on their country,would be the bad guys, and they would appear to be the victims. You must understand and realize that we did not start this war. We had nothing to do with the war. We were brought into it by the Japanese and their un-provoked attack on Pearl Harbor.
We the United States of America, were not the "light of the fuse " that started this war, but we do intend to be the ones to put it out .It is only by using this Ato


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