Henry Ford

My family has always bought Ford cars, trucks, and vans.I think that the
Ford product is very good, but I must admit that I was surprised at the way
that Henry Ford conducted his business.
In my research, I learned that Ford was a brilliant businessman, but that
his policies concerning his customers and employees were considered to be
suspicious.Many thought that these policies would lead to his downfall.
Time has shown us that it really did not.
By the mid twenties Ford was one of the most successful automobile
companies.His new policies concerning his employees almost ended this
success by the mid 30's.He expectedthem to work harder and faster while
he cut their wages almost in half.Additionally, Ford fired older workers in
favor of younger workers.As a result, black hair dye became a hot seller in
the Detroit area.Workers actually tried to disguise their age by dying their
hair black.It seems to me that Ford's treatment of his workers was
and unjust.Workers were forced to do what they were told, or they would be
Henry Ford was also known to express views that were Anti-Semitic.In
short, he was prejudice.He once wrote an article in which he expresses his
ideasthat Jews were the cause of many peoples problems.As a result, Ford
ended up in court, sued by aman named Sapiro, whom he had called "a
shrewd little Jew".The trial ended with a hung jury, and later the case was
dropped when Ford wrote a long withdraw and apology for his statements.
After the court case, Ford's profits and production declined.Later he
developed the River Rouge plant.Hundreds waited month after month in
front of the employment building hoping to become Ford workers.The plant
employed over 50,000 people.To foreign immigrants employment with Ford
meant great success.Ford began educational


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