Hard Drugs Should Remain Illegal

Throughout recent history, there has been much debate over the issue of the government's war on drugs.Some people feel that drugs should be legalized, while others believe that the punishments should be even harsher than they are today.In between these two opinions are the others who feel that some drugs should have limitations.Certain drugs would only cause harm for our society if they were to be legalized.Hard drugs is one of those which would be detrimental.If the government were to decide to legalize these substances, America would see an unbelievable amount of negative changes.In this paper I will maintain the fact that hard drugs should not be legalized.
I feel that a powerful argument against the legalization of hard drugs is as follows:
1. The government should not legalize things that will only cause harm.
2. Hard drugs (crack, cocaine, heroin) can only cause harm.
3. Therefore, the government should not legalize hard drugs.
Thefirst premise is a basic concept.It is a common understanding that the government was formed in order to arrange a better country.If they were to legalize substances and other things that would only be detrimental to society, then the government would not be helping to form a greater country.The officials whom are elected into office have the responsibility to do things that will not cause destruction for our citizens.Therefore, the government should under no circumstances implement programs that will only be harmful for Americans.
Societies in general are just better off without the legalization of things that are destructive and unsafe.Take two different cities for example.In one of these cities, it is legal for everyone to get in violent and uncontrollable fights every time that they have a problem with another person.In another city, this kind of fighting is illegal and there is strict enforcement against that type of behavior.Where would you want to …


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