Hamlet, the prince of Denmark was very upset by his father’s death, in the battle with the Norwegians.
Then, Claudius, prince Hamlet’s uncle became the king and married Queen Gertrude.
Once, when prince Hamlet and his best friend Horatio were having a chat, the spirit of King Hamlet who was murdered on the battle with Norwegians, came and told them that Claudius was the real murderer of him. He poisoned him to death.
Proving this was a difficult task. Prince Hamlet thought of an idea; he asked some players to perform “The murder of Gonzalo” which related to the murder of king Hamlet.
While watching the murder of the king in the play Claudius shouted with fear and anger. This convinced prince Hamlet about his father’s murder.
Claudius was very scared and to take revenge with prince Hamlet, he organized a fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes, a counselor’s son. Laertes was using poisoned sword and the drinking water meant for Hamlet was also poisoned.
In the match the queen die by drinking the poisoned water and Laertes, Claudius and Hamlet died by being stabbed by the poisoned sword.
Now, Horatio became the new king of Denmark.
I didn’t like the story much because of the bad ending of the story. The antagonist as well as the protagonist died, which made the story very dull. The part I hated the most was the ending, when every one died by being stabbed by the poisoned sword.
The main character in this story is Prince Hamlet of Denmark. I liked him because of the intelligence. He was so determined to find out the proof of the murder of King Hamlet. Buy anyway, he died at last which made me feel sorry for him.


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