They disagreed on many things: First, the kinds of people they represented.Thomas Jefferson favored the more common people, whereas Alexander Hamilton favored the more educated, elite, and richer people.This was ironic because Alexander Hamilton grew up in poverty.This is just one of many different views between the two.
Their second opposing view when it came to the underlying issues was what type of government under which to lead the people.Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong state government that gave each individual states its own power to govern its people.Thomas Jefferson wanted a limited central government consisting of a series of checks and balances giving no branch too much power over another.
They differed thirdly on how the national banks would be formed. Alexander Hamilton was in favor of the national bank.This way he was able to tax, issue money and create government funding.The government funds could be used for private investigators.Thomas Jefferson disagreed with the creation of a national bank, because he believed in the power of the people to control their own interests and fortunes.
Lastly, both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson ran under different governmental parties.Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist and Thomas Jefferson was a Republican (an anti-Federalist). Thomas Jefferson approved of voting by the masses, whereas Alexander Hamilton only wanted voting to be by each state's representative.The parties, like the two men, had views that varied greatly.
Overall, the reason they didn't like each other was because of their opposite views on issues.Although Alexander Hamilton was a major opposition to Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson probably "won" the battle between the two.This is due to the duel, which ultimately led to Hamilton's death, thereby leading the way to Jefferson's rise to power.


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