Hamilton and Burr

Hamilton and Burr where alike and different in many ways. Destiny shaped their lives in many ways that they were always opposing each other. The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr occur for many reasons like family backgrounds, personal professions, and national goals.
People might think that Hamilton and Burr are totally different but amazingly they were alike in many ways. Physically both were small men.They both had incisive eyes, with very persuasive voices. They both wore tremendously fashionable outfits for their time, made by the company dapper. They both were clever speakers when giving comments, mainly to the ladies. They both held a keen aspiration to lead their American troops to victory disregarding where the place was. Their personalities were similar in many ways, like their temper and desires.The likenesses led to many rivalries between them. Consider the old saying, "opposites attract, and like repel."
Hamilton and Burrs family background might have caused some jealousy between them. Burr was born in a high class, respectable family. Hamilton didn't have any connections to become as famous has he was at the peak of his career. Hamilton made his own reputation, while Burr had inherited it from his family. Hamilton had the pride of a self made man, but he was an illegal son of West Indian parents. After his marriage Hamilton was socially accepted. Their family backgrounds alone were not the reason for the duel to occur, but it was one of the things that might have ignited the fire between them.
Thefirst struggle between them both occurred at the Revolutionary War in 1776. They both were part of Commander-in-Chief's staff under George Washington. Burr regularly sided with General Lee and Gates opposing Washington's proposals. Hamilton, regardless of his differences with Washington, usually attacked General Lee and Gates. For some time Hamilton and Burr disagreed with each…


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