Halted by Hinduism

Islam was a very strong force. Thus it met something even stronger known as Hinduism. Islam was spreading rapidly until it reached Hinduism in India. It was halted by Hinduism's strong basic beliefs. It strived even though the very violent ways ofIslam. Countries surrounding India were converted leaving India as the only country in the region that was still Hindu.
The spreading relegion of Islam was based on five key principles known as the five pillars. Thefirst is You must state that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet ofAllah. You must pray five times a day towards Mecca according to Islam. You are legaly required to give one-fortieth of your income to the poor. This must be done to achieve salvation. During the holy month of Ramadan you should fast. Doing this develops self control and devotion to God. The last pillar is a pilgrimage to Mecca. This must be done at least once by every Muslim. If they are to old or not physically able to go they may send some one for them. There is a sixth religious duty associated with the five pillars. Men are required to go to war to defend or spread Islam. If they are killed they are guaranteed eternal life in Paradise.
Hinduism had a very different opinion on religon. The Hindus belief that there are many different Gods and Godesess. Thus there are three main Gods. Thefirst is Shiva the creator and destroyer. He destroyed the old while creating the new. Vishnu is the preserver that represents stability and order. The third is Devi the protecting mother which is sometimes known as simply the Goddess. She is often identified as the creative energy of the universe, and is considered the equal of Devi and Shiva. Unlike Muslims Hindus usualy worship at home and are not required to do so daily. The Hindus also believe that the temple should stay very clean. If the temple was not clean the God would leave it.


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