Halrem:Mecca of the new negro

The literary expressions during the time noted as the Harlem Renaissance had a significant affect on the "New Negro".African American writers gathered to celebrate a new pride in black people and black culture, however there was not a unified voice for the movement.There was a definite goal among the black community to end segregation that was defended by the different viewpoints of great African American writers of the time.The literary explosion of the 1920's had an aspiration with many different ideas of how to attain this objective all revolving around the issues of black identity, how to retain pride in their African heritage, and coming to terms with themselves as Americans.
The name given to the period for the end of World War I and through the middle of the 1930s Depression was the Harlem Renaissance.During this time, a group of talented African-American writers produced a sizeable body of literature in the four prominent genres of poetry, fiction, drama, and essay8. The literary upsurge was broad, rich, diverse, and all
encompassing the unique desire of black America to come to terms with themselves as Americans.
The idealism of World War I, democracy for all, self-determination, and the revolution in Russia raised expectations of blacks throughout the world and was mirrored in their writings."New Negro" radicalism was an American expression of this new consciousness.The new wave of writers that sprung from this era was calling for a radical transformation of the American economic and social order to make a fair world for black men and women.This was the foremost aspiration held in the minds of the great writers of the time and voiced by the population.
Literature during this time period addressed the issue of black identity, how to retain pride in their African Heritage, and come to terms with themselves as Americans.There were many writers that voiced their opinion …


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