Great Expectations

There are two people that influence Pip, in the book Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens, they are Joe and Ms. Havisham.Pip is a young boy who lives with his sister and her husband Joe, who is a blacksmith.Pips life is thrown upside down when he visits Ms. Havisham, a rich woman with a obnoxious daughter named Estella.Pip sees the uncommon life and starts second-guessing his own common self.Then a lawer from London wants Pip to come to London and learn how to be a gentlemen, at some anonymous persons expense.Pip is astounded because this is his chance to become uncommon, and the wealth that comes with it.
Joe is the biggest influence on Pips life, Pip and Joe are best friends.Joe loves Pip so much to the fact that he "wishes that only he got put out , Pip; I wish there weren't no tickler for you old chap." (49).Joe wishes that he could take all the beatings that Mrs Joe gave to them.If you love some one enough you will look up to them.If you look up to someone then you are liable to be influenced by them.Joe, his "thick boots", has influenced the way Pip dresses.Joe's ethics makes Joe need to work with his hands, so does Pip, so they both have "Coarse hands".
Pip has grown up in a common family, when he meets Estella, Estella tell him "He is a common laboring boy" (59).Joe and his wife are both common, if Joe was uncommon then Pip would of be uncommon.Pips lifestyle is, because he grew up in a common house with common people, is that he is common.Joe gave him his social status.If Joe were a rich man instead of a blacksmith, then Pip would have been uncommon.
In the beginning of the book Pip was supposed to be Joe's intern as a blacksmith.But after Estella tells him that he is "a common labouring-boy" (59), Pip decides that he wants to do more with his life, than just become a common blacksmith.Pip has "Great Ex…


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