Great Depression

The great depression during the 30s was a very hard and devastating time for Canadians
And people worldwide. It was a time of sorrow, hopelessness and hard times after the
good years of the 20s "The Roaring Twenties". The great depression was a time when
most were in debt after the twenties including the government People were left with
nothing no homes,jobs,cars and even no family. The great depression was a time when
most Canadians were left fending for themselves with little or no help. The only help
which was available was Government help. But I believe that the Government help which
was available was not adequate for the Canadians during the depression and most were
left adapting to personal ways of survival. Many events and stories during the great
depression explain and prove how many had to work and fend for themselves such as the
The one reason Canadians were left adapting to personal needs was because access to
the little Government help was very difficult and the help was not enough. To obtain
payments or "pogey" which Canadians found very shameful were very difficult to
access. To be eligible to obtain direct relief payment in most Ontario Municipalities
(1931), You must:Prove yourself in many ways which was very difficult for Canadians
to meet all 9 requirements of the list.
During the great depression almost all men were unemployed. Many men left their
families to go from town to town looking for a job. The unemployed began to wander in
search of greener pastures . Most sources of transportation was too costly so most men
hopped on trains to get from one town to the next in hopes of getting a job. This was
known as "Riding the Rails". But most men who went looking for jobs were turned
down. Such an example is, Nine men hiked eleven miles for one job on a farm only to


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