great depression

The Great Depression on October 29, 1929 took everyone by surprise. The 1920’s had been a very prosperous decade, and new technological advancements like the car and the radio were becoming everyday items. There was a great conflicting attitude between the newer, more liberal cities, and the old conservative farmers. Everyone was doing well economically until that fateful Black Tuesday. Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt differed in their economic and political approaches at recovery.
Hoover was the kind of man who believed that nothing should be given away, and that people should work hard for their money. He thought that the best way to help the economy was to do nothing. FDR had a very different plan; his New Deal gave workers everywhere jobs. He started all kinds of associations to encourage employment and give people money. The Tennessee Valley Authority was one example of FDR’s attempts to recover from the Depression. Hoover had rejected giving government aid to the building of the damn in Tennessee because he thought it was too socialistic. He vetoed the measure because he opposed the government’s selling electricity in competition with its own citizens in private companies. This economic difference separated FDR from Hoover.
FDR, a socialistic president, and Hoover, a hands-off president, were very different politically. FDR took control of the government and actually did many illegal but necessary things. His New Deal programs aimed at the three R’s, relief, recover, and reform. Hoover had no specific plans for recovery after the Depression. He basically did nothing and hoped the economy would recover on its own. One way FDR was able to quickly move the government was by getting rid of many ultraconservative Supreme Court justices. By weakening the system of checks and balances, FDR was sometimes accused for being a dictator. However, this control was very necessary during the tough economic times. Hoover was very diff


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