Great Depression

The Great Depression started in US, in compel of years it spread more of international and global depression. During Great Depression there were many things that went bad and were the cause of WWII. It was world's worse economic disaster. Why was it so superior and last so long. Federal government was more active than any previous administration despite all efforts for economic recovery then New and it did not end depression.
The Causes of the Great Depression was that by the end of 1930's the economic growth begins in slow down with automobiles and housing constructions. Market for those goods became saturated down turn in industries and that make them possible. The Misdistribution of Income in 1930's it was the time of market. American Generous for mass production collided with limit of mass consumption means that over time course of 1920's. The productively came to surpass purchasing power. It was the highest concentration of wealth. The workers wages raise by 22% and over same time industry period by 70%. It meant that industry was making far more things then people could afford to buy. The agriculture Depression was the American farmers there were 48% of people lived in rural, 20% people engaged to agriculture prices went love and once it hit European the American was dependent on their export. In 1920 the wheat was sold $3 a bush and in 1933 it dropped to .30cents a bush of wheat. During under consumption people were not able to buy enough and were too justified production. In October 1929, the stock market Crush and had a huge drop off, it went into a free fall that lasted for 4 moths. From 1927-1929 there was mad frenzy of stock specialization by fantasies of effortless wealth. It was the key indication of health of economy. By 1929 stocks prices had no relationship an realistic connection. But with read of the economy during 1928 he economy went down while stock priced saved because stock prices were br…


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