America’s Civil War was one of the most important wars in the
History in the United States.In this war about 700,000 Americans were
killed and nearly 37,000 of these casualties were of men of the African American descent.The movie Glory is one of the best-known movies of African Americans from the North fighting in the civil war.This story is largely seen through the eyes of Robert Shaw, the young commanding officer of the fifty-fourth Massachusetts volunteer African American Regiment.
The soldiers of the 54th Regiment faced many hardships.Due lack of supplies, soldier’s feet were all bloody and full of blisters.One solider received a brutal military whipping as a punishment when he was caught deserting trying to find shoes.Uniforms weren’t being given out for a while too.The men also received news that they were only to receive pay of ten dollars rather than receiving thirteen dollars, which the white soldiers were given. Atfirst, soldiers of the 54th were used for nothing but manual labor, until Shaw convinced his commander through the use of blackmail to allow the 54th Regiment to be transferred to a combat command.This tactic proved that these African American men were equal if not better than the white soldiers because of their heart and will to prove their abilities.
I think that the key scene in this movie would definitely be the battle at the end of the movie.This was the battle in which Commander Shaw led his black regiment, thefirst group of men to try and conquer the Confederate fort.Shaw did this knowing that the casualties would be tremendous but he proceeded anyway.This was Commander Shaw’s last battle along with most of his black regiment.They died trying to capture the Confederate fort and none of them would have wanted it differently.Though Shaw’s regiment was heroic and honored, they were unable to capture the Confederate fort.


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