Prelude to Gettysburg; Lee Marches North
Early in June 1863, The Confederates were using Shepard Valley to hide their movements through the northern territory. Lee's army consisted of General Ewell in the front, followed by General Longstreet, and A.P. Hill. Union General Hooker followed and Monitored Confederate movement, while confederate cavalry monitors Hooker's Movement.
June 9th, Shortly after departing north, Stuart is surprised by Davis's Brigade at Brandy Station. In the end the Union lost the battle due to heavy casualties, but Stuart reflects that the battle was one of embarrassment.
June 13th, Early's Division under the command of Ewell marches north and attacks Union outposts at Winchester, VA. The union was forced to retreat from three different forts outside of Winchester. When Early takes one of Milroy's forts he abandons the other two. Milroy then retreats with his forces back to Harpers Ferry. While doing so, is stopped by Steuart's and Walkers Brigades. Milroy was no match for the 2 Brigades of confederates, and his forces wound up P.O.W. In winning this battle it gained ground for the Confederates on Union soil, which would put them in place for a decisive attack on the Union.
June 23rd, Stuart was wanting to regain some honor, or glory he had lost. And was given permission to disrupt the Union army, so that the Union wouldn't be able to interfere with Lee's plans. He rode circles around the Union for eight days, and documented no Union Movements. And ends up in Carlisle, PA on thefirst day of Gettysburg. The actions of Stuart left Lee blindsided, and without reconnaissance of enemy movements.
June 27th, Frederick, Maryland. Union Headquarters, Hooker is relieved of command and replaced by General Meade, although other generals are senior. The next day, Meade hears of news that A.P. Hill and Longstreet are east of Chambersburg headed for Gettysburg. Meade, orders S…


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