On July 1st, 1863, a Confederate army led by General A. P. Hill arrived near Gettysburg to have what they thought to be a small skirmish. The area appeared to have few Union soldiers protecting it so the Confederate army began to march along Chambersburg Pike. Unbeknownst to the Confederate troops, Union General John Buford’s cavalry held the town of Gettysburg with two brigades. General Archer’s Confederate Infantry Brigade met General Buford’s Army at Herr Ridge. The Confederate soldiers pushed back the Union army toward Gettysburg. Reinforcements led by General Meredith halted the Confederate advance at McPherson’s Ridge. However, the Confederate army had moved in to outflank the Union reinforcements from the right and General Cutler’s men took heavy losses. When General Doubleday, also from the Union, joined the fight against General Davis’s Confederate troops, the Union captured over half of Davis’ men and the rest where forced to retreat to Herr Ridge. As the Confederate troops began to retreat from McPherson’s Hill, three more Confederate divisions began moving from the north of Gettysburg toward town forcing all of the Union divisions to retreat. The Union army was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers involved in the attack. Both sides took heavy casualties as the Confederate army pushed the Union forces toward Cemetery Hill.
In the early morning of July 2nd, General Robert E. Lee, the head of the Confederate army, found that the southern part Cemetery Ridge along with Big Round Top and Little Round top was unguarded by the Union forces. Taking advantage of the opportunity, General Lee ordered General Longstreet’s forces, led by General Hood, to capture that area.
Meanwhile the Union General Daniel Sickles began to firm up his lines reinforcing the Peach Orchard and Devil;s Den. General Hood;s men were too much for the Union Forces at Devil’s Den and Big Round Top. The Union troops where forced to retreat to Littl…


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