Freedom after September 11

Freedom After the September 11th Tragedy
There are a very large number of people in the United States of America that may
say that freedom, as we have known it, will never be the same in this country again after
the Tragedy of September 11th.Although some people may think that this event has no
direct effect on the freedoms of other Americans, I have a strong belief that it does.
There are two major reasons that I think our freedom is in jeopardy.One reason is
because the September 11th tragedy brought a multitude of stereotypes into the minds of
the ignorant in America.These stereotypes put the freedoms of Islamic Americans in
jeopardy.The other reason I think that our freedom is in jeopardy is that the Taliban had
friends as well.If the Taliban attacked our freedom, who is to say that their friends will
I immediately thought about the Americans who are of Islamic and Muslim
descent when the tragedy occurred.As an African American, I know a great deal about
being stereotyped; so I can see how Islamic Americans might feel during these times.
Since the tragedy, many of these Islamic Americans have been stereotyped abs being
terrorists or bomb manufacturers.They are looked down on and stereotyped because of
their ancestry and because of the way they look.This is a violation of their freedom.
Hopefully, Americans as a whole will be able to put a stop to all of the negative
stereotypes because when Islamic Americans feel that they have been robbed of their
freedom, our freedom as a whole will be greatly damaged, too.
Another reason that I feel our country's freedom is in danger is because of the
Taliban's allies.I honestly do not think that the Taliban acted alone in their attempt to
destroy the United States.Everyone has at least one friend and the Taliban is no


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