Freedom is something every American needs an understanding of.Americans today take freedom for granted because they don't have a sense of history.In America freedom comes with many liberties.To be generally free you must limit your liberties and not abuse them.Therefore limiting your liberties to be generally free is true freedom.
When America was in the process of being built, such an idea of freedom could only be whispered or it would blow away.Today many Americans take freedom for granted.Wheather it be the freedom of expression, speech or religion, freedom is abused to the point of it not being freedom at all.To be generally free in such a society as the one today, he or she must limit their liberties.By limiting your liberties, people do not abuse them and are truly free.Therefore Americans should not take freedom for granted and be civil with their liberties.
How does an American limit their liberties to be generally free?By taking away just some of the most important civil liberties (freedom of expression, assembly, association and religion), people will start to get a feeling of what it means to be generally free and how lucky they should feel.If people got the right of privacy taken away from them, would they be generally free? Yes they would.If people got the right to keep and bear arms taken away from them, would they still be generally free? Again, yes they would.People can limit their liberties and still be generally free in the American society.There is only one question that comes to mind when thinking about this.How many liberties can be taken away until you are not generally free at all?All of them.
Being generally free means that a person in any society is free.This means that a person is free with limited liberties.It is an American without the right of religion but the right of speech and expression.It is an African with the right of religion but without the righ


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