Many times throughout history, specific events occur that explain why the existence of Native Americans are necessary for the Spanish and English colonists to survive. The Native Americans were like parents to the Spanish and English colonists. As a newborn baby is introduced to the new world, alike, the Spanish and English were introduced to a New World in which the Natives were already a part of. Their inhabitance of the land dates back to many thousands of years ago where they inhabited all regions of the America's. When the Europeans arrived the Natives gave the colonists knowledge about the land. At times the Natives cared for them and supplied them with food and various other things. They also provided work for the colonists whether the Natives were slaves, servants or allied forces. Economically, the Natives were needed very much for anything the colonists would export to Europe. Throughout history, the colonists' dependency on the Natives was clearly shown and the how the colonists exploited the Natives in every possible way was also clear.
What the colonists needed most from the Natives was their knowledge of the land. Because the Natives lived in the America's for thousands of years, they are familiar with the area and they know how to work with it. For example, when Cortez landed on the Mexican shores on 1519, he used the Aztecs for their gold. When he found out where the Aztecs were getting their gold from, he simply destroyed them after he used them for their knowledge. Spanish colonists also had to learn a lot from the Pima, Pueblo and Papagos to be able to continue their farming in the very dry Southwest.
Another tribe's knowledge the colonists needed for survival was the Hohokam. "The Hohokam built and maintained thefirst irrigation system in America, channeling river water many miles to desert fields of maize, beans, squash, tobacco, and cotton. " The Hohokam's knowledge of the…


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