The United Stated of America today stands high and is taller than all the other nations in the world.This did not just happen recently, but it was so ever since this country was built.This greatness however did not just happen out of luck, but like every good plant, this one had good seeds, and like every strong building, this one had strong building block.One of the building blocks that this nation was built on is freedom, perhaps the most distinct one of all.It is the one that makes this country stands out.But very recently, we faced a problem, one that will jeopardize our freedom.On September 11, 2001, jealousy struck.Muslim terrorists from Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries attacked the world center in New York City.Unfortunately, this incident called for higher security in our nation, because just like you need to protect an expensive jewelry, you also need to protect the Untied States from all its enemies.But, here is where the real dilemma lays, in order to achieve higher security, we will have to give up some of our freedoms.
In this nation, we have the ten amendments, which protect our rights, they give us some freedoms that are very basic, and necessary for comfortable living.Of course it is clear to anyone that it is impossible to have total freedom, because in order for one to total freedom, he will deprive others from certain freedoms.For example, you are not free to turn your radio to full blast in the middle of the night, because you will deprive others from the freedom to sleep.That is why there is a certain balance in freedoms that we have to abide by in order to achieve a better overall life.There are limits on the freedom that authorities have in this country, which is probably what makes this country very different.The authorities' freedoms are limited in order to protect our given freedoms.But here is where the changes lie.After the September 11 incident, the autho…


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