The Importance of Scheduling and Time Management

Scheduling a person's time is a very important part of life.It helps to keep organized and follow both a daily and weekly schedule.Scheduling is most important for college students.Most of the time, college students have such busy day's and if they have no proper daily schedule to follow, it can make a person feel lost.The effect is wasting time and running away from priorities.It will help prevent many things such as lack of planning and organization, lack of a proper place to study and personal behavior like procrastination.
Planning your time is thefirst and most important step to developing a schedule.You have to plan for both long-range and short-term commitments.The best thing to do is to try them out and make changes according to how they work for you.A semester schedule should show your deadlines for finals, term papers, midterm tests, and other fixed dates.It's necessary to break up larger projects into smaller units.A weekly schedule should map out how much time you have to study.It should show how much time classes, labs, and job hours take up.Next, it helps to break up large spaces of time for study periods.A daily schedule should prioritize what needs to be donefirst.Cross off items as soon as you finish them.
Planning your time and making schedules is great and all, but if you do not have a proper place to study than it is worthless.It's not a good idea to study in your hall because there are too many distractions.Studying should be done in a quiet area and where that is all you'll be doing.Another way to study is by listening to a tape recorder in your car on your way to work, or by making study cards and reviewing them at a certain time everyday on your daily schedule.
Putting together a daily or weekly schedule is one of the most influential things that can affect school grades in a very positive…

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