Freedom has been a privilege we sometimes take for granted.It is so woven into our everyday lives that we often forget that we have it.Freedom of speech and press was debated in a case between Hazelwood East High School and a Journalism II class.In this case, the principal of Hazelwood East High School objected to two articles in the proofs of the newspaper, which were about pregnancy and divorce.The students of the Journalism II class stated that their First Amendment rights were violated and sued the school district. It shows the issue of how much freedom we should or must allow student newspapers to have.I agree with the Supreme Court's decision against the Journalism II class.The educators are allowed to and should restrict unappreciated stories in the student newspaper that may offend someone or some group in any way.
Without restrictions on freedom, students can put anything in the student newsletter that can arise anger and tensions between groups or students.It is the school's responsibility to limit the freedom of the Journalism II class by refusing to allow any stories that may offend someone to be printed in the newsletter.An incident may occur when a student in the Journalism II class puts a story in the student newsletter that upsets a certain religion or race.The consequences of that newsletter are not worth printing.The issues of pregnancy and divorce mentioned in this particular case may surface some sensitive issues among students, which prove that the school has all the right to ban the stories about those issues.
Freedom of speech and press is very important but needs to be restricted on school grounds.School is a public place where students come for a good education.The school criteria does not include teaching sensitive issues unless parent consent is made for the students reading or learning about such issues.As the Supreme Court states, "a school need not tolerate…


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