Free Speech Essay

Tom Metzger the president of White Aryan Resistance (WAR) and his son John Metzger have taught hate against blacks and other races as well such as Jews.Dave Mazzella was the Vice President of War and he also have taught hate to people generally white.Of what Dave, Tom and John said about hate Ken "Death" Mieske and few other people that was with him have killed a black man.His name was Malugeta Seraw a young Ethiopian immigrant was beaten by a baseball bat to death.Mr. Seraw's family have refused to see what happened to Malugeta Seraw and they have sued the Metzgers or WAR that if they were responsible for sayings that they said.So therefore, is the Metzgers protected against the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech.
Tom Metzger should be found liable in the death of Mr. Seraw.Tom and his son John did spread hatred towards other races especially blacks.He is a racist man as he laughed about everything in the trial.I know that hate is always inside of people like Mazzella and Death but their minds were taken by the Metzgers.Thanks to them they motivated them to hate and motivated "Death" to kill Mr. Seraw.Of course there is no connection to the killing with the Metzgers and "Death".
They both laughed about a comic illustration about blacks, which says they will loot your house and rape your wife.They have really spread a lot of hate throughout radios, articles and tapes.Of what they published about blacks in an article they really put hate words about them.If I was to read that article of course it would be tempting to do and hate against a black person.But really I'm not that kind of person who would hate against anybody.Of course there are some people that I hate but that's because of who they are, they are just like the Metzger.Always hate on their mind which I do not find funny and interesting.Tom has said "don't get mad, just get even" af…


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