Free and Not Free

Solomon was a free slave. He encountered the beauty of "freedom", which is described as having an economical and social life with total liberty. Even though free black people at that time (in the 19th century), really weren't able to follow a stable life of liberty and justice, they were still better off being pretentiously "free" than to be tormented every day, being slaves. Solomon understood the meaning being a slave because he experienced it in a way he would've never really thought of. But the true importance to his experience is that he had the opportunity to tell of how brutal one person can be to another, and how inhumane a person can be.
Like Solomon, there were also many other people who have been driven to the misfortune of being kidnapped and held into the white man's business of slavery. Many of these kidnapped people were well acquainted with Solomon, whom these people told of their stories to. People like Clemens Ray, and Eliza contributed on telling their stories. Telling stories on "how their unfortunate race was subjected to the disadvantages", as Solomon described when he was speaking of his father. But, what is slavery? Many books and people best define slavery, by describing people who work hard, without a wage. Normally, one would get paid for a hard works labor, but these individuals would not. In my description of slavery, it is the state of being controlled by powerful people in which they inflict oppression onto you; and take advantage of the fact that you are defenseless. These people are interpreted by the society of that time period, as a low class and undeserved type of people who basically do not need rights.
Liberty on the other hand, is having the chance to proceed with life with no tricks and deceptions from anyone. It is to be with your loved ones, and to feel secure at all times when being with them or anyone. Like for example So…


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