Fredrick Douglass

The "Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass" is an intimatefirst hand look into a slaves life.It gives the people of today a real life view of how slaves lived and were treated.Fredrick Douglass tells us of every aspect that is slavery without the textbook approach that we are all use to.Fredrick Douglass takes us further into slavery then we have ever read about.This literary work is a fine mixture of memories as a slave and a story of a man who tries to understand his situation.Fredrick Douglass's autobiography brings us to the world of slavery and shows us how it was through the eyes of a slave.
Fredrick Douglass captures our imagination by the fact that he was a slave himself.It was him in the fields, it was him who was beaten, and it was him who wrote about it.Fredrick Douglass also succeeds in catching our interest by telling us the truth about how the slaves were treated.We can trust that what is about to happen on the next page is true no matter what its contents are.Gruesome or pleasant Fredrick Douglass describes slavery with the real life truth that only a person who lived it out could know. Being an actual slave, he pours onto his paper hundreds of emotions and points of view
that I have never read in a textbook.Fredrick Douglass also inspires his audience by telling the plans he made to run away.He then holds our interest by not succumbing to
his failed attempt and succeeds in running away on his second try while knowing of and listing the consequences he might face.
This book also lets us look into the mind of a slave and get a rarefirst personview of the mentality he had towards his situation.Fredrick Douglass opens up a world to us that few have ever seen; he shows us his mind for all that it is worth.Being a slave he gives us his opinions of fellow mates, his opinion on masters, and his opinion on life. Fredrick Douglass gives us hints, wh


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