Fredrick Douglass- Ressurection

"Resurrection" by Frederick Douglass was about how he got beat by his hiring master and received no help from his owner.He then gets a root from an older slave named Sandy and then fights Mr. Covey and wins.This was the turning point in his life because he realized that he was a human being and not just a slave.The following passage from "Resurrection" reveals that Douglass was the type of person who wouldn't give up:
After lying there about three quarters of an hour, I nerved myself up again, and
started on my way, through bogs and briers, barefooted and bareheaded, tearing
my feet sometimes at nearly every step; and after a journey of about seven miles,
occupying some five hours to perform it, I arrived at my master's store.I then presented an appearance enough to affect any but a heart of iron.(Douglass 50).
He knew in his heart that Mr. Covey wasn't treating him the way that he should have been.So he had to take matters into his own hands, which was going to his owner for protection,but that didn't work outthe way he thought.Master Thomas ridiculed the idea that there was any danger for Douglass at Mr. Covey's place.Finally he found help from an older slave by the name of Sandy Jenkins whom he looked to as an advisor.Sandy told Douglass that he must go back to Mr. Covey, but he must also take the root with him and always carry it on his right side, which would prevent Mr. Covey or any other white man from beating him again (51).Upon taking the root from Sandy, Douglass believed that he had reached the end of the road with the point of no return,which would be where he said okay this is about all I can take, I'm not going to suffer anymore."This battle with Mr. Covey was the turning point in my career as a slave.It rekindled the few expiring embers of freedom, and revived within me a sense of my own manhood" (52).Frederic…


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