frederick douglass character sketch

Frederick Douglass' personality is shown in a few different ways in The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.His book was an in-depth look into the life of a slave in the mid 1800's.It helped people get a better view of how slaves were treated, on gave fuel to the Abolitionist fire.Frederick Douglass' Narrative was afirst person historical account of slavery.Since it is an account written by him, it helps us today to see slavery without exaggeration or Government re-written history books.This book is also a documentation of Douglass' life.So it gives us a good look at Douglass' thoughts, feeling, and personality.Frederick Douglass' character is comprised mainly of his independence, his perseverance, and his intelligence.
Throughout the book, Frederick Douglass shows himself to be independent.Young Frederick took it upon himself to learn how to read.Even though he received help from the local children's books, he really did the teaching himself, which is something that he couldn't do unless he had independence.When Douglass got into the fight at the docks, he took on the whole group alone.Had he gotten the help of other slaves there, he might not have been hurt so horribly.The book, of course, leads to his literal independence: his escape from slavery.Douglass' whole life leads up to his escape, from he day he learns to read until the fight with Mr. Covey.Throughout his life, Douglass acted independently, but it was his perseverance that was a big factor in his escape.
Perseverance was another one of Douglass' good character building qualities.Even as he was independently learning to read, he had to persevere to make sure that he actually did.Since he could only get lessons during his free time, it took him awhile to learn to read; so if he hadn't persevered throughout this period, h


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