Frederick Douglass

I am studying about Frederick Douglass. He was born in Talbot County, Maryland and he was born a slave in 1818. His name was Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. Frederick's mother's name was Harriet Bailey. His father was a white man, but Frederick did not know his name. During the years 1826-1838, his occupation was a slave, or a servant and a laborer. He changed his name to Fredrick Douglass and escaped to freedom in the North. He became involved with the Underground Railroad to help slaves get to the North. The rest of the report is going to be about Frederick's life.
Frederick Douglass grew up in a plantation in Maryland. He was taken to Baltimore to live with his master's relatives when his mother died. He was eight years old. Frederick Douglass had a rough life. He did not see his father. When he was a slave, he had to work hard. The slaves would be severely punished if they tried running away, sneaking away or if they did not listen to their masters. Frederick suffered severe beatings daily, and he was hungry all the time. Frederick Douglass did not think slavery was fair.
Most slaves weren't allowed to read, but Frederick learned how to read with the help of Mrs. Auld. She was Frederick's master's daughter. By the age of seventeen, Frederick had enough knowledge to teach himself how to read. Frederick taught other slaves how to read. Frederick fulfilled his dreams by promising to free slaves. He became an abolitionist. To abolish something means to get rid of it. He published the North Star and Frederick Douglass's paper which spoke about the anti slavery movement. He promised black soldiers in the Union Army that they would be treated fairly and equally. The black soldiers were paid half of what the white soldiers were. Black soldiers couldn't become officers. Black soldiers caught by the Confederate soldiers were most likely to be shot. Then, Douglass came in and publish


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