Frederick Douglass

Slavery in the Americas during the 18th century began to grow at an alarming rate.The overwhelming number of enslaved black persons was such that white and Native American slavery was less common.Frederick Douglass and Deborah White attempt to give an account of what happened during slavery.Their works revealed how slaves lived, their cultural characteristics, mental struggles, and the roles masters played in their lives.
Frederick Douglass's book Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass is a popularly read book among many college students.This book givesfirst hand encounters of slavery. Douglass sought to bring about cultural, social and gender changer to an otherwise intolerant white society.His literary efforts, forever bound and protected by time, have chronicled the struggles inherent to black Americans since the beginning of the slave trade.Douglass's personal experiences mirror the horrors taught from schoolbooks all across the country make his respective appeals for racial equity that much more poignant.
At the beginning of the narrative Douglass lets us know that he was unaware of his age but he knew where he was born.He found it intriguing that white kids knew how old they were but black kids didn't.
As in many plantation homes, Douglass never knew his mother to know her as such.They were separated from birth when he was an infant.He was reared by elderly slave who was too old to do field work.
Slaves received a monthly allowance of food and a yearly supply of clothing.They got eight pounds of pork or it's equivalent in fish, and one corn meal.Two linen shirts, one pair of linen trousers for winter made of coals negro cloth, one pair of stockings and one pair of shoes.The value of everything was no more than seven dollars.Children's allowance was given to their parents or their caretakers.If you were a child unable to work in the field you did not get you…


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