Frederick douglass

Chapter eight covers significant changes in Douglass’ life, as he tries to cope with his unstable position of a slave. Soon after moving to Baltimore, Douglass discovers that his former master’s son, Richard, has died. Three years later, Captain Anthony dies, leaving the estate to his only living children, Andrew and Lucretia. Douglass had to return to the plantation for a evaluation of the property so that Anthony’s property, including his slaves can be divided.
Douglass discovers the horrors of being subjected to a thorough physical inspection and being parceled out to one of the two heirs of Captain Anthony’s estate. Fortunately, Douglass is portioned to Lucretia and is allowed to return to Auld.
In March 1832, Douglass leaves Baltimore to live with Thomas Auld, whom Douglass knows from Colonel Lloyd’s plantation. Auld and his new wife are cruel and unlikable people who keep their slaves always yearning for more food. Worse, Auld does not know how to treat his slaves in a consistent and respectful manner. ”In all things noble which he attempted, his own meanness shone most conspicuous.;; Auld is also a pious man who participates in religious revivals , yet he is capable of great wrath and cruelty toward his slaves. Douglass mentions that Auld’s preacher friends break up a school meeting set up for slaves by throwing sticks and missiles at them. Auld and Douglass do not see eye-to-eye.
In the last chapter of the narrative, Douglass reveals some of the most distressing and empowering moments of his life as a slave. He begins the chapter illustrating how unfit he was to work as a field hand after having lived in the city for seven years. Douglass describes an incident where he has to drive a pair of unbroken oxen into the woods for some firewood. Because he takes too much time due to the surly nature of the oxen, Douglass gets whipped by Mr. Covey. Douglass goes on to describe the many ways in which Covey catches …


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