For the Veterans

Some people do not know who a veteran is, they ask questions like who are they?What do they do?Are they good people?I hear these questions almost every Veterans Day at my school.
Veterans are people that have fought in a war for their country.Some sadly, aren't even alive anymore.Most of the veterans have fought in the, Vietnam War, the Korean War, World War I, World War II, and many other well known wars.
In all of the wars, veterans have stuck together, stayed as a group, and helped each other overcome hard times.They stood together as a team against those who fought our country.We are a united country, and veterans have made it possible by protecting us.
Veterans Day is a day to honor all those people who have died protecting and fighting for our country.We honor them by saluting, playing patriotic music and just thanking, honoring and praising them for making this great country possible.
Veterans have given their time, courage, bravery, lives, and strength for this country.If it wasn't for the veterans, we probably wouldn't be here today; we could be a monarchy instead of a democracy.That's how big of an impact veterans have on this great country.
That is why a lot of veterans that are still living today are highly respected.We should respect the veterans, because they gave their lives for us, this country, and the world.
Veterans Day is a day when everyone should salute to the Veterans that have died and have a few moments of silence.Veterans were and are good people that love their country.They showed their love by fighting for their country.
Veterans set America free by fighting for what they believed was right.


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