We are all familiar with the term feudalism. It was a medieval contractual relationship among the upper classes, by which a lord granted land to his men in return for military service. Feudalism was further distinguished by the confinements of political and economic power from the base of the castles, each of who rule the district in which it was located. This involved a division of governmental power spreading over various castle-dominated districts downward through the lesser nobles. The idea of feudalism has caused many historical scholars to debate on whether feudalism hampered the people of the medieval period or gave them a sense of direction. The intention of intertwining classes in order to serve a common goal sounds promising, but can also become easily corrupt under a crooked individual. Ideas of giving one wealthy landowner the power over hundreds of people can become almost "Subdivided tyranny", with all those concerned caught deep within the chaos.Feudalism's decline proved that this form of hierarchal government would not suit the fellow man. For this reason, feudalism hindered the people of the Medieval Period. It mired the creation of an equal government, it created an immoral class system that degraded those involved, and took away from the idea of unity, which all nations need to survive.
Charlemagne was believed to have been the one who initially started the feudalism/fealty system in the medieval period. His vast empire was ruled independently by Dukes and vassals. Although Charlemagne believed the only way to control his land is by throwing his responsibilities on others, he was destroying the original concept of an equal government. How is it possible to pay homage to so many members of nobility? If you were the lowest serf, you had the lowest outlook on life (not to mention the government). People were reluctant to follow an individual purely based on his wealth and social stature. The people …


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