Franklin Delano Roosevelt was with no doubt President at the worst time in American history. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President through not one but two American crisis the Great Depression and World War II. His dealings with both of them were incredible. The nations' people bestowed their trust within Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Franklin Delano Roosevelt proves this by four consecutive terms in the presidential office.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt couldn't have come in to office at a worst time. Unemployment was at 30 percent, inflation was to high, and the Gross National Product was down 50 percent. People wanted answers, and most of all they wanted action swift and effective. And that's just what Franklin Delano Roosevelt had in store for them.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt got right on top of things by calling for an emergency session of Congress to begin drafting his so called "New Deal" legislation. Congress which was controlled by the Democrats was very responsive to Franklin Delano Roosevelt ideas. This session was called the weekend of his inauguration. This period was known as "100 days."


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