Fascism in Italy

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea that has come into its own" This generalization reflects the concept of fascism.The idea of fascism spread like wildfire in European countries.Benito Mussolini was able to have full control of country with the use of this powerful idea. The idea of fascism exploded around the time of post-World War One, in Italy with Mussolini and a decade later in Germany with Hitler.How could such a horrible dictatorship spread so quickly and prominently through countries?
Italy was in a state of distress when Fascism came into power.The country was dissatisfied with the Treaty of Versailles that resulted of World War I.The Treaty of Versailles had awarded Istria and Northern Dalmatia, territories along the Adriatic Coast to the new Yugoslav state.The post-war crisis in Italy only strengthened the idea of Fascism.The country was in a weak political state of Liberals, Socialists, and the Catholic Popular party.With a weak economic system resulting from World War I, many troops joined the unemployment market, and inflation began to soar. Italy met all the qualifications for a country to be overthrown by fascism.Discontent, hate, instability, greed were all fueled into forming Fascism.
Benito Mussaloni formed the Fascio di Combattimento (League of Combat) in 1919.In 1920 many landowners and businessmen turned against the government because they were upset because there were no jobs for all these troops and peasants.The government imposed a progressive tax on income of wealthy citizens.So both the middle class and upper class were angry with the Liberal government. The fascists won over both classes, because they were fearful of social disorder, socialism and communism.Benito and his fascist followers threatened to run rampant threw the streets of Rome if power was not given to the Fascists.King Victor Emmanuel, who fled Italy f


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