Fall of roman empire

In the third century A.D. Rome faced many problems.Before the fall of the empire Rome had a great empire, with a lot of power and wealth.Their strong military kept them powerful for a long time.The empire stretched across the long Mediterranean sea.The invasion by Germanic tribes seemed to help greatly pull down the Western Roman Empire.It is thought that the inside of the empire's conditions also weakened the empire.The external force of the barbarian invasions have presented a variety of explanations for the fall of the Western Roman Empire.Such as the social, political, economic and military problems.
In the inside of the empire the social and political conditions weakened the empire.Loyalty to the government was one of the most serious problem of all.Conditions in the later empire caused citizens to lose their patriotism.Few people chose to serve the government, under the horrible conditions it turned into.The government officials had to pay for public entertainment out of their own pockets.As shown in document four, the governments money was all given to the army.This gave no money left for enterprises or machine running.Which dropped the economic flight greatly.Only the armies remained actively interested in politics.Rebellions started all around the empire.No one was loyal to the government and they wouldn't fight for the empire.Invasions started since many people wouldn't fight.As shown in document one, the overwhelming population wasn't allowed to participate in the government.This forced the empire not to have enough political figures.Which started rebellions and invaders.Diocletian split the social part of the empire in 284 A.D. to try to control the rebellions.Which made the social problems even worse.When he retired due to illness civil war broke out immediately.Constantine took over and continued Diocletian's social plan.He moved the capital …


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