Explain the extent to which Ge

Explain the extent to which Germany was transformed into a totalitarian state between 1933-1945.
The rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and their eventual accession to power marked the beginnings of a totalitarian state from 1933 to 1945. Under the rule of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, Germany was transformed from one of the most democratic nations in the world to a state with one man at the helm. This radical and continual change, and the realisation and formation of a totalitarian state were not complete for many years after 1933. The Nazi Party under Hitler's directive authority cemented into Germany an ideology that accepted the actions of their leader as if it was the very will of a supreme being.
The period of change, and its continuity is attributed to a number of factors. By looking at how Hitler created the new Nazi State, and by understanding how it was maintained helps to evaluate the extent to which a totalitarian state was established.
Certain events that further established and cemented the Nazi rule, and also show the extent of their total power include the passing of specific legislation, the Night of Long knives, and the Night of Broken glass. The reasons for these events, the fact that they were staged and the effects they had gives a view of how extreme the Totalitarian regime was. Also to supplement this passage of research, it is essential to target the prominent groups that existed in Germany, before Nazi rule and during Nazi rule. These include the different class groups, the army, the treatment of Jews and the structure, actions, aims and plans of the actual Nazi Party (including the SA and SS).
When these core elements are combined the explanation for the transformation of Germany during the period 1933 to 1945 can be obtained.
Total Nazi power was established in Germany between 1933-1945. However this does not automatically earn Nazi Germany the branding of a totalitarian state. To what ext…


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