examination of hitler and napoleon

In any two people you will find similarities and differences. But no two people could be as
similar as Hitler and Napoleon, and yet so different. In this report you will read about their
similarities and differences in power, characteristics, military tactics, beliefs, and much
more. Don't take my word for it, read the report.
Thefirst and most amusing similarity is neither one of them was
born in the country they ruled. Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, which he
annexed into Germany after he came into power. While Napoleon Bonaparte was born in
Ajacco, Corsica, a tiny island France had just acquired from Italy. So Napoleon was of
Italian decent. Both served in their nation's army at a young age, but different outcomes.
Hitler served in the German army from 1914 to 1920. Whereas Napoleon remained in and
atop the French army until his defeat at Waterloo. Also they both had a wonderful new
strategy for winning battles though that too was different.
Another interesting fact was Hitler and Napoleon both did not just
become a dictator. Rather both had high ranking positions, Hitler – Prime Minister and
Napoleon – First Consul. Once in power Hitler and Napoleon wanted to expand their
territory. So theybuilt up large armies. Napoleon – 600,000 troops and Hitler 10,000,000
troops both large for their time. When they had this strong force they attacked the rest of
Europe and North Africa. They brought great destruction to Europe and wiped out almost
an entire generation of young men. After their conquest of Europe was done, which both
accomplished, they set their sights on what would be the turning point for both of them,
Russia.Hitler and Napoleon both decided to attack wasJune. This could not be a worse
time, than actually attacking in the middle of the cold, harsh Russian winter itself. The
Russian Climate did not give them enough time to win a war like they would …


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