Europeans and Native Americans

American Indians were the first inhabitants of this land we call home.They were here way before the United States was created.The Native Americans did not even know the term America until the “white man” came.The “white man” influenced the natives; however, the Native Americans also did the same. There were more than two thousand tribes in the Americas when Columbus first came to the West Indies in 1492.In the next five hundred years, due to European settlement, many of the tribes were destroyed or threatened by disease, war, and government policies. Native Americans experienced outcomes with their encounters in which they resisted and had much difference between the Europeans.Even though they suffered great loss in land and culture, their pride and traditions live on.
The English were one of the encounters the Native Americans had to face. The English tried to over rule Chesapeake, but the Indians learned quickly to use guns and other weapons, so the Indians were able to outnumber the English. The English did not have any women at one point and were starving to death, so they demanded the Indians to nourish them. Indian made war and killed male warriors of opponent tribes but adopted the women and children. When Powhatan people neglected or defended their property, the English murdered women and Indian children. During most of the seventeenth century determined colonies fought to control the land and labor needed to secure profits from tobacco, sugar, and rice. After a long struggle with violence and high mortality, the colonies along the southern Atlantic began to prosper. Stability was brought on a high price in which the English introduced slavery.
The Navigation Acts designed to regulate colonial trade in ways that only benefited England was destroying the Chesapeake society. South Carolina suffered from social instability in the result of ethnic and religious diversity.Worsening Indian relations and resulted i…


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