Electorial College

In the United States there had been debates going back and
forth about the Electoral College. The majority wants to abolish the
Electoral College because of the belief of freedom of rights. The
Electoral College was set up to make each presidential election fair
for both parties. I am in neutral about the Electoral College because
they have both have great reasons why it should and shouldn't be
abolished. I was quite upset at the 2000 presidential election
between Al Gore and George W. Bush. In my understanding everyone
wanted Al Gore to win because people were pleased with the Clinton
administration and wanted to continue in that direction for the
future. In that election I do not have proper evidence to criticize
Bush's victory, but I can say that he did not win the popular majority
votes in that election and I am not sure how he could win the
Electoral College votes without some form of bribery or illegal
tactics. If he sabotaged the election which there was numerous
documentaries about the election (farienheight 911), he should not be
the president. Since everyone is upset with Mr. Bush why was he
elected for another term? I am not sure if Gore would do a better job
but as far as I know Mr. Bush has been doing an bad job as president I
haven't seen any good decision making yet, so I could be wrong. If
anyone should be blamed with their decision on the last two
presidencies it should be the Electoral College because it's their job
is to choose the best candidate available. I just want to know how
was Mr. Bush the best candidate to win the electoral votes. Well I am
going to discuss what the Electoral College is, the advantages, and
the disadvantages of the Electoral College. I hope you can come up
with your reasons why we should keep it or lose it. I think we should
fix the problems instead of getting rid of a good idea.
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