Effects of World War II on Jap

World War II drastically affected the Japanese culture, economics, and
Japan is considered one of the most important and powerful
countries in the modern world but this accomplishment has been reached by a
lot of work and changes made in the Japanese society.During World War II
the destruction of Japanese cities and the death of a lot of Japanese
people caused them to change their in their system of politics and foreign
policy.The changes made in Japan were not only in the politics but also
in the culture in general because of the entrance of western ideas into
Japan after World War II made the Japanese adapt their ancient culture to
These changes in their culture made the Japanese a whole new
country and made itmore open to foreign ideas and costumes.The efforts
to recover from the was led the Japanese to have a strict andcompetitive
view in technological and scientific advances.Now the Japanese people are
considered as one of the most working and intelligent human beings, because
of their brightness in the technology and scientific advances.The
Japanese had a really difficult path to go through after World War II, but
the people adapted to the new Japan and tried to make it a better place by
being very strict and competitive.After the changes in Japan the Japanese
people have shown that they are capable of a lot of things specially having
an enormous change in their life such as culture, economics, technology and
politics.This kind of change in any society is a very difficult task to
undertake and not too many countries are able to do it.The effects of
World War II, including the destruction of Japan, was the task for the
Japanese and they were very strong and worked themselves out of the
problems and succeeded in the modern world and now Japan is considered the
fragile superpower in the top world.
The destruction of Japanese cities and the death of a l…


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