Edward "Mick" Mannock

Edward "Mick" Mannock was born in Brighton on May 24th, 1887. Mick lived in England, Scotland, Ireland and India. While he was in India, he got an infection and went blind. Eventually Mick had recovered his eyesight but was forever blind in his left eye. Mick fought in the Boer war, after he had returned home he deserted his family, his wife and their four children.
In February of 1914, Mick was relocated for his job at the National Telephone Company to Turkey. After hearing that a war was declared, Mick tried to get back to England. Once he had heard that Turkey had formed and alliance with Germany, Mick knew he was in trouble. Mick was arrested and put into a Turkish concentration camp. He eventually made it back home to England in April of 1915.
Once back home in England, Mick immediately joined the British Army; he was very soon after promoted to the position of sergeant-major. In March of 1916 he was transferred to the Royal Engineers as an officer cadet. Not long after he reached the position of Second Lieutenant.
In August of 1916, Mick requested to be transferred to The Royal Flying Corps. When in flight training, he blew all the instructors away showing impressive flight skills with only a few hours of professional training. Mick arrived at St. Omer in France on April 6th, 1917. He made hisfirst confirmed kill on June 7th, 1917.
Mick quickly built up a reputation as one of the most talented pilots in the RFC. Once he arrived on the Western Front he won four dogfights in hisfirst two weeks. On August 16th he shot down four aircrafts and two more the next day. He won the Military Cross on September 17th. In October that year he was awarded a bar to his Military Cross. The official
citation read "He attacked a formation of five enemy machines single handed
and shot one down out of control; while engaged with an enemy machine, he was attacked by two others, one of which he forced down to the


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