edward De Vere

Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford, is perhaps the most influential and imaginative author of the renaissance.Though he received a bad name for his poor money management and harsh behavior, his work on poetry and development of verse has been key to the history of literature.
De Vere was born at Castle Hedingham in Essex, April 2, 1550 (May 1).The de Vere family was hereditarily the Lord Chamberlains of England (May 1).They had been among the country’s finest Earls since they had arrived from Normandy with William the conqueror (Ogburn 4).
Edward’s father, the sixteenth Earl, was a kind and popular man who owned a company of theatrical players at Hedingham (May 2).He died when Edward was 12, and Edward then moved to London with William Cecil, the most powerful man in the country (Green letter).De Vere’s relationship with Cecil was never very good, even after he married Cecil’s 14-year-old daughter Anne (Ogburn 12).
Edward earned a Bachelor’s degree at the age of 14, a Masters at 16, then studied law (Ogburn 6).He lost vast sums of money by backing failed trips to the New World and selling off most of his inheritance (Green letter).De Vere was a fan of the arts.He was associated with the growth of the public theatre, he was the leader of a group of writers dedicated to developing the English language, and is regarded as one of the finest Elizabethan poets (Frisbee 27).
By the year of 1571, Edward de Vere was probably regarded with higher expectations than any other young nobleman (May 3).He was the premier earl of England, son in law and student of William Cecil, and an accomplished, wealthy, educated man.He was praised and thought of very highly.However, by January of 1575 he was well on his way to being broke (May 3).He had set out upon an elegant continental tour (May 3).During his 15 months abroad, Edward spent some 4,561 pounds (May 4).A sum derived mostly from selling his large mon…


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