Educational Equality

From the formation of the United States of America, equality has been regarded as an unalienable right given to all.It sounds nice but actually equality is something that Americans have had to fight for.When addressing equality of education many disparities exist, ranging from race, gender, class, and disability.The thought that all children, regardless of these classifications, have the right to equally begin public education in America is a false statement.Due to the way state governments allocate funding, American public schools are not equal by any means.
Thefirst issue I would like to address is that of inclusion regarding children with disabilities.This is very important when discussing value of equality to children.I believe it is important for children to be in a least restrictive environment.This environment may very well be a regular education classroom or may be a separate school.However, much research and discussion should go into this decision, which is ultimately agreed upon by the child's parents.Placing kids in their least restrictive environment allows them to have the social ability to grow not regress.Special education has come along way and careful inclusion has been a major step in a positive direction.
The relation to class and race inequity in public schools goes hand in hand.I find it rather appalling that schools have not changed much from separate but equal except in the way that they are know separate and unequal.According to Nelson, white students in America attend school with 81% other white students and the same for non-white students.This separation can be linked to social class and school funding.Why is it fair that more money goes to school districts with higher property tax?I understand the financial side but how then can it be considered equal.Fact of the matter is that it is not eq


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