Education in the Occupied Territories

The Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian areas has destroyed completely the education system that the P.A tried to establish in the liberated Palestinian areas. In 1994 the PA inherited an educational system from the Israeli Civil Administration that was completely destroyed by the occupation. The Israeli policy was aimed to destroy the education of the Palestinian population in order to control the masses.
In 1994 the PA took this bad situation and tried to handle it with care, it began with a crisis management policy that was called THE FIVE YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN, this plan aimed to maintaining the high access rates to basic education and to increasing secondary education enrolment rates.
The plan foresees important well focused and cost effectively managed efforts in the areas of curriculum development, textbook development and production in service as well as pre-service teacher training.
Approximately $100 million in donor assistance was spent on education infrastructures between 1994 and 1999, and the FIVE-YEAR PLAN envisages donor commitments of a further $45 million per annum, for a total of US$ 225 million for the 2001-2005 periods.
According to the FIVE-YEAR PLAN there are 1800 schools that needed developing in the West Bank and Gaza, the PA had access to 1400 schools.
Since the beginning of the second uprising, the plan was completely interrupted by the reoccupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The Israeli army has intentionally destroyed schools and the educational centers that were established to control the bad situation in 1994.
For example, the Israeli Army has damaged over 400 schools in Hebron and south of Gaza, which represents 22% of the primary and secondary schools, the damage ranges from broken windows to the total destruction of schools.
The inability of students to pay fees has also impaired the school's ability to cover their regular running costs. The need for social/humanitarian ass…


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