Economic Loses & Policy of Economic Boycott

The fragile and juvenile nation of the United states suffered economic losses duration of European warfare. The U.S. wanted and had to keep their commercial economic relations with Britain and France because they did not want to economically crumble and fail as a new nation. However, a U.S. ship trading either with Britain or France could be seized by the other.
To destroy and corrupt England's economy, Napoleon had begun a system, the Continental System where France set up blockheads and took over ships and vessels in European parts if theyfirst stopped in Great Britain. Britain was very unpleased by this and retaliated by setting a series of blockheads on Napoleon's ports and seize cargo intended on going to Europe. Unfortunately for France and Britain neither had enough power to actually to destroy or shut down every major port, so the blockheads were mainly used to capture U.S. ships. These two nations ended up capturing 1500 American ships between 1803 and 1812. Also, Britain started to seize more vessels than the French because they won the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
With all this going on President Thomas Jefferson initially attempted to win respect for American neutrality by an economy boycott, a policy that banned trade with Europe. This affected the newly established nation of America in the years 1807-1812. This policy was of course anti-federalist. Jefferson urged the U.S. Congress to pass an act called the Embargo Act of 1807. This act prohibited ultimately all U.S. commerce and trade within European borders. During 1808-1809 also prohibited overland trade with British and Spanish possessions in Canada and Florida. Fortunately this act did stop the seizer of U.S. ships, but it had drastic side effects on American economy in 1807-1812. With all this in mind the Non-Intercourse Act was passed in 1809. This act only restricted trade with France and Britain, but Macon's Bill No.2 turned the tables arou…


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