Economic justice in the world

Many countries in the Eastern Hemisphere live very well and have high incomes.They have strong industries and skilled workers and are rich in resources.The government of these countries take care of the unemployed, the old, the sick and the poor.They provide health care, vacations and child care.Educationis strongly respected and technology is high.
But, then in the continents of Asia and Africa you have just the opposite.There is poverty, famine, and sickness.Population is high and resources are poor.Most people are farmers and farm barely enough to feed themselves and their family.Industries are scarce and basically home-based.Transportation is not well developed except for waterways.These countries have poor agriculture and a poor educational system.Illiteracy is high.So, we can see that the countries of the Eastern Hemisphere have a broad range of different standards of living.This is so unfair and unbalanced.I think that there is no economic justice in the Eastern Hemisphere today because there is such a difference in the standard of living between the nations of Europe, Africa, and Asia.
We can assess the standard of living by looking at many different factors. Are the resources that are available scarce or plentiful? Are the resources renewable or non-renewable?Is the economic system traditional, socialist, communist, command or capitalist? How big is the country and how large is the population (population density), and how fast does it grow?How long is the life expectancy?What is the literacy rate (how many people can read and write)?What is the gross domestic product (GDP) or the value of all goods and services.What is the per capita income (GDP divided by population)?Does the country develop and have new technology?Does the government take care of its people?Is there health care, child care, and elder care?Is there a transportation system?
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