economic development on Americ

"Between 1815 and 1850….A national economy based on small-scale farming and local commerce matured into a far-flung capitalist marketplace entwined with world markets."(p.362).How?Include in your discussion the role of "transportation" and Industrial revolutions.What impact did this economic development have on American life?
Between 1815 and 1850 the United States which is only made up of small farmers and businesses(traders) began to grow.America had expanded itself to the pacific coast.This great expansion was due to many changes in the marketplace, transportation, and industry.The cotton industry was a main factor in opening up America to major business.There was always a high demand for cotton and new technologies made cotton abundant in America.While cotton is very profitable in America, the transportation of goods around the country is crucial to trading.New roads, canals, waterways and railroads are built for this purpose.These forms of transportation connected major cities making transportation easier and cheaper.During this time, an Industrial revolution took place.Many new inventions were created that help speed up the production of goods.Textile factories were built and they were very successful.These changes had a major impact on American life.The growth of America during this time period help shape America into its present form.
Cotton was a major influence to the expansion of America.The growth of cotton was a profitable crop that began to spread from South Carolina and Georgia to Mississippi and Alabama.The use of cotton had been in use since ancient times, but during the eighteenth century its market grew extensively.To grow cotton, labor was needed to pick the green seeds that were caught in it.This was a difficult process that required a lot of time.Farmers would purchase many slaves to do this work.This idea of using slaves for the production …


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