Ebonics – A Language

Since the advent of man, he has tried to communicate with each other to get their thoughts and ideas across to the other. The earliest man used some form of communication and it was much later that scripting was invented. Today the earliest writing that has been discovered are those of the Sumerians and the Indus Valley Civilization. With increasing time and age languages became an important part of communication and many were recognized for the languages they spoke. Today there is a diversity of languages all across the globe. Arabic, Chinese, Persian, English and French are the most commonly spoken languages. In schools the national language of a country is taught and other languages are not really given any importance. However people do learn different languages and make them able to communicate with a person who speaks a different language. Native Americans had their own form of communication and when people from Europe started moving in and became dominant in America, the official language was chosen to be English. Blacks were brought in America in the great trans-Atlantic shift and were used as slaves. Their oppression was relieved later on and the "black culture" came into existence. Although they distorted English, and gave rise to new terminologies, Ebonics today are widely used all across the United States by the youth.
Ebonics was a term formulated by a team of Black scholars and defined the way the descendants of the slaves talk. It is thus according to them a language spoken by the slave descendants. Language expresses identity and with Ebonics the Blacks aimed to identify themselves, their culture and heritage. Language variations are also absolutely necessary in the struggle for liberation. Ebonics forms a link between the Africans in the United States and the Africans all across the world. Many mistake Ebonics to be broken English or slang that is spoken by Black kid…


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