Early Civilizations

Prehistoric:The prehistoric period is used to describe the period preceding written history. The people living during this period of time were known as being from the stone age because this is when stone was used for tools.For example, flint was chipped and shaped into tools and weapons.Also during this time, wood, bone, shell and other materials were used, along with making pottery out of clay.Later, as humans advanced into the copper, bronze and iron ages, new metal technologies allowed for further technological developments.Both species of homo sapiens, the Neanderthals (who died out) and the homo sapiens (who evolved into modern day humans) used a crude form of language for communication and began to express themselves through cave art and carvings.They lived in simple wooden huts and were nomadic hunters and gatherers.
Mesopotamian:This culture lived in the region of modern day Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran.It is widely accepted that this was one of thefirst literate societies, capable of using a complex system of writing.It is also during this period that large cities with sophisticated governing bureaucracies werefirst developed.Other characteristics of this period are the development of religious beliefs, music and songs, the family as the central social unit, an economic system and the wide-spread use of agriculture.
Ancient Egypt:Ancient Egypt is best characterized by their use of a balanced system of both natural and human resources, including that of controlled irrigation, mining, the creation of a unique writing system and literary tradition, international trade, and the creation of a strong military presence in the surrounding region.Its culture is also associated with the use of mythology.
Ancient Greece: Ancient Greece is the period of time that laid the foundation for modern Western civilization.Some of its defining characteristics are its development of a democratic form of gove…


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