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Indian and American Cultures

There are a lot of differences between American and Indian culture and values. American culture is a mixture of different cultures. Indians on the other hand have their own culture and values. I would like to compare and contrast these to cultural groups.

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Americans believe that they can really control their future. Indian people believe that everything goes by God's will. They also make short term goals. Americans like to plan ahead.They also believe they can control their world around them. American people set goals and Indian people live day by day. American will do anything to anyone to accomplish their goals, as for Indians they are more concerned about people and their feelings. American people have short-term relationships and Indian people look for long term relationships. American people do not like to waste time as for Indians time is not a major issue. Indians are more formal that Americans. American people are more practical than Indians are, but Indians are more efficient. Americans believe in more action than words. Indians talk about their problems then if they do not get anywhere then action is taken. Indian people work harder then American people. Indians work all over the world as teachers, doctors, and other respectable positions in society. Indian people adapt to cultures around them, as for Americans our culture is superior to everyone else's. In American culture the individual is more important, and in Indian culture the family is more important. American's have more resources than Indians do.From the information above there are many differences between the American and Indian cultures.

Americans are independent and relaxed and Indians are family oriented and hard working.Americans like change and Indians like stability. These two cultures both have negative and positive aspect, but could learn something from one another if they just take the time …


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