Drug abuse

Drug abuse is a problem that we picked up in the sixties and has stayed with us even in the present day. Drug abuse has caused many different problems such as poverty, sickness and health issues, unwanted pregnancy, and family break ups. Drug abuse is a social and cultural problem not only affecting past generations but is now affecting the present generation.
Drug abuse was a major issue in the sixties. Drugs were in wide use and certain groups and clubs were formed by drug use. Many drugs were experimental and they were used freely. Many people thought that drugs were not bad for you. Infact they actually thought drugs made you stronger and healthier, which we now know is not true.
In the nineteen sixties rock sound was often music of social and political protest, and the youthful culture that grew up around rock musicians were easily influenced into unorthodox hairstyles, dress styles, communal living, and drug use. In nineteen sixty nine an outdoor rock concert in Bethel, New York with thousands of people called Wood stock Music and Art Fair lasted two days. During this time many hippies joined together with one basic thing one their mind. It was the right place and time to do whatever they wanted and they chose drugs.
Marijuana was a choice drug that many people, especially hippies, used in the sixties. At that time they did not no the effects that drugs could have on their body so they lived it up and did whatever they wanted. The marijuana used by hippies in the sixties was ten times weaker than the marijuana used today but had the same long term affects.
Drugs in the sixtieshelped to create a scene not just effecting popular culture but popular cultures beliefs in right and wrong, what is acceptable, and even the political discussions of the time. The sixties was more than just smoking marijuana, it was LSD, coke, heroin, and a wide variety of more than just "gateway drugs". This not only r…


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